1. How much for you to host my artist upcoming mixtape??

  2. My name is Theo, stage name GemN’i. I’m trying to see if you would host my mixtape on livemixtapes for me. I already have a strong fan base so you wouldn’t be wasting your time and i just know this mixtape is going to be the hottest in the city. Looking forward to working with you.

  3. How Can I get on da fake I.D series

  4. Looking for a chance to learn from one of my favorite deejays in the business.if you are looking for an interns or anything of that nature please send me an email. I have worked with you before at a Roscoe Dash concert in Americus, GA.

  5. abraham montes

    hey, im an 18 year old producer from destin florida, i met you when roscoe came and performed at nightown, ive been making music for 2 years and when i got the chance to talk to roscoe he told me to send him beats but i didnt get any info on where to send them to, can you help me out??

  6. Looking for info on how to get started on my mixtape it’s the first one ever and i was referred to you as a great host

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